Girl may lose at chess for showing too much…. chest !!.

Would you believe that women can be disqualified from a chess tournament for having too much cleavage. Some obscure rule of chess stipulates : “ …a women can lose a game if she has too much cleavage showing. If her opponent complains, the judging panel must assess whether or not she is dressed appropriately for the match..” according to research. Chess tournaments aren’t usually the most controversial of events and in fact would qualify as sedate if not numbing if you are not an avid player.


It is not really a well known fact that chess is actually riddled with sexism!! and outdated rules. Surprising for a game dating back to nearly 1500 years.

Nestled in between funny rules about hats falling off in tennis and volleyball teams having to play in different colours, is something so startlingly ridiculous it’s almost funny.


Sava Stoisavljevic, the (female) general secretary of the European Chess Union, told Chessbase News that the dress code was due to the reaction to female player’s outfits. ‘I heard many comments from spectators and coaches,’ said Stoisavljevic. ‘It’s nice to see chess players with short skirts — they are very pretty girls… But I believe there should still be some limit.’


So you can lose a chess game for showing too much chest!! A woman who wins a chess match can have her win overturned because she’s got cleavage showing. But short skirts are fine. So the Chess Federations tolerate legs and ass legs but chest is a no no! Freelance journalist Robyn Vinter best summed up the reality of that rule:


“…The implication is that the person playing against the woman with the killer rack is going to be so distracted, they’ll be put off their game.

Which raises some questions about how much cleavage these people have seen previous to the tournament….!

Source : Metro UK


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